23 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

From ‘His & Hers Coffee Mugs’ to ‘Photos Tied to Balloons’ check out this amazing list of handmade Christmas Gifts your man will absolutely adore. And he’ll love it even more because you made it yourself! Most of these gifts can be made for under $25 – and can be used for anniversaries, birthdays or Valentines. So get your crafting gear at the ready and check out the awesome tutorials below and have a great Christmas holiday!
(tutorial links are above each image)

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Handmade Gift with Starburst

Jar of color coded date nights

Baseball nail art - perfect for Christmas and Birthday presents

DIY Christmas gifts for men

Crayon art

unique qifts for dad

explosion box for my boyfriend

Hooked on you since - Christmas present for Boyfriend

Open me when letters - for my boyfriend

open when letters

holiday gift for my boyfriend

sweet anniversary gift for my boyfriend

sweet jars for first anniversary

diy project for my boyfriends birthday present

two year anniversary gift for my boyfriend